Case Study: Chrissy Summer Bride 


Chrissy contacted Facepaint Studio 4 months before her wedding day in. Chrissy was booked in and her deposit was paid. We both agreed that we would speak in the New Year about her consultation date and ideas. Chrissy’s consultation was done about 4 weeks prior to her big day. Consultations are important as they allow for experimenting and fixing errors. Trying new looks and products are also an option too.


Chrissy did not really have any concerns apart from lipstick bleeding and rosy cheeks. Both of these issues were dealt with at the consultation. I advice my clients to keep their make-up on for the day/evening as it will give them an idea how long their make-up lasts, only minor touch ups throughout the day would be needed and at photograph.


I arrived early on the big day as there were three bridesmaids and of course the bride. We knew what we were doing and what was expected from Facepaint Studio. Chrissy was relaxed knowing what to expect from Facepaint Studio. No rosy cheeks in sight or bleeding lipstick. These were my two priorities. Her photos show no signs of Chrissy’s concerns and Facepaint Studio was given a lovely testimonial. Facepaint Studio was honoured to be part of such a special event. We look forward to working with future brides in the next coming summer months. 

'' Charlie was fantastic. A total total professional who made all of us look beautiful. Charlie came to the house where we were getting ready and was such a peaceful presence on a crazy day ! ''


Facepaint Studio Summer bride 2015. Chrissy.

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